My name is Ginny McQueen and I LOVE preparing healthy meals and experimenting in the kitchen. 

I've had careers in banking, real estate and in higher education spanning over 30 years, but my true passion has always been cooking which I do just about every day. In 2016, this passion led me to Hope and Main in Warren, RI where I enrolled in the incubator program for food entrepreneurs. 

Following completion of this program, Shady Lane Foods was formed.  My first product is granola that is gluten friendly, vegan, free of preservatives and refined sugar.  This product reflects my goal to create recipes that are delicious, healthy and safe for those with dietary restrictions.  The inspiration comes from experiences with friends who are gluten intolerant and also from those who have adopted a vegan diet and find inadequate options.

I grew up in Rhode Island and live there today with my husband who also loves to cook.  He is more adventurous than me and specializes in squid ink pasta sauce!  We raised two boys who are both confident in the kitchen much to the amazement and enjoyment of their friends. I am a Brown University alumna, a travel enthusiast, a longtime community volunteer and feel fortunate to be surrounded and supported by family and good friends as I build the Shady Lane Foods business.