Granola Waffles

Simply add Shady Lane granola to your favorite waffle or pancake batter, about 1T per serving, and cook as you normally would in the waffle iron or skillet.  Add more granola and fresh fruit to the top along with your favorite syrup and you've got a delicious, healthy breakfast!

baked cucs.jpg

Baked Cucumbers?!

Would never think to bake a cucumber, but Julia Child did! Thank you JC for the unique handling of such a common vegetable so often eaten raw and cold!  I baked a cucumber per her instructions on New Years Eve and it was a delicious accompaniment to the main course.  Recipe link is below.  Enjoy!

Julia Child's Baked Cucumbers



winter slaw.jpeg

Winter Slaw

Tried this last night and it was a winner!  There are limitless variations on this dish.  The recipe is below.

Ina's Winter Slaw

beet mushroom.jpg

Beet, Avocado & Mushroom Salad...so good!